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WATTS UP works to eliminate homelessness and address its causes by preserving, developing and operating safe, quality, and supportive housing.



The church at large is seeing a great exodus from its Institution. Growth in homelessness is increasing. Many members in local churches are homeless; or new hybrid coined by Dr. Cornell West “the working poor”.

Therefore, as people exit the church and homelessness increases “housing will become one of the new cornerstones of community” it’s Watts Up Community Development’s intention to create a model on faith based and civic engagement that is relative to now. 

Transitional Housing, especially sober living housing in practicum is a jewel to community. The general desire of residents in almost all communities is to have a safe, clean, enjoyable environment. Keys to this is not having drug houses, problem houses, gang houses, etc. Sober living/Transitional houses are not in theory but actuality free of drug and alcohol. While having residents that are engaged in programming for betterment. Thus making the desire community a reality.

Meaning, someone in the community may not need the housing offered by Watts Up Community Development Corporation, but may need the resources that come to the community by having a Transitional/ Sober living houses in the community. The church once operated as a resource center or safe house, and in the “now” moment sober living and transitional houses will replace the church acting as such. As housing first will become the model people will need whether bound by faith or not.

In addition, Watts Up Community Development offers wrap around services:

  • Free health care,

  • Free GED/High school diplomas

  • Financial literacy, etc.

  • Life Skills Curriculum

Meet Lisa,

Lisa was working  as a pastry chef in Los Angeles. She was earning

$1,275 each month, so she only  qualified for a rent of $575 and then she lost her Job.


One bedroom apartments in  Los Angeles average $1384/month according to the 2019 HUD reports.


Before WATTS UP, Lisa was sleeping in her car or the airport lobby.

There are over 52,000

singles-families in Los Angeles County like Lisa that are Homeless.


WATTS UP 4 Core Pllars


  • Structured Weekly Schedule

  • Four Phased System

  • Case Management

  • Drug and Alcohol Testing


  • Proprietary Coaching Curriculum

  • Resume training

  • GED /High school diplomas

  • Financial literacy Training


  • Sober Mentor Network

  • 12 Step Meetings

  • Weekly Fellowship Events

  • Mental health counseling


  • 24 Hour Staff

  • House ‘Manager”

  • Holistic Wellness Benefits

  • Monthly community Events


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